New Comic Shop for Free Comic Book Day!!

That's right, Free Comic Book Day 2011 is fast approaching. Come celebrate the "Grand Opening" of the new and improved(bigger anyway) Main Street Comics & Games at 2125 E. Main St.(In the Sav-a-lot shopping center.)on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 7, 2011. This is going to be BY FAR our biggest event yet and with TEN TIMES the floorspace, the new Main Street Comics & Games will have plenty of room for everyone!! The free comics start flowing at 10am at the Clark County Public Library downtown branch then at noon you can get more free comics right here, but not only do we have free comics for you, we have our first special guest appearances in almost a year. So I figured we would make up for the delay by having a LOT of special guests. The guest list includes:

Twilight Star Studios with Bill Gladman and The Brothers Church.
Studio Akumakaze
Dustin Carson
Chad Lambert- who has an announcement to make.
Catwoman is gonna' be here.
Maaayyybe Dave Arhar
... and you never know who else might show up.

While supplies last, this year's FCBD Heroclick is Green Lantern Hal Jordan and it's available to anyone spending $10 or more. For a complete list of this year's Free Comics and to find other participating stores in your area visit

Not only is it Free Comic Book Day, but Saturday, May 7, is our very first Magic: The Gathering pre-release event. "New Phyrexia" hits the streets Friday, May 13 but you can get cards from the new set early by playing in our Booster Draft at 2pm($15 entry-side event) or our Sealed Deck tournament at 6pm($30 entry-main event). New Phyrexia packs will be awarded as prizes.

So, yeah in case you weren't paying attention during the Free Comic Book Day part, WE'RE MOVING!! On Monday, May 2 we will close the doors at 2031 E. Main St. and re-open Tuesday, May 3. Be warned, we will be putting the shop together during business those first few days to maximize the Free Comic Day awesomeness so things may look a little rough at first. This move wouldn't be possible without the halp of my landlord, Hadler Companies and their leasing agent Stacie Warren, who really went to bat for me on this deal, and of course all of our amazing customers and friends. Thank you all!!

"So, Scott," you're wondering, "what are you gonna' do with all that room?". Well folks, the answer is... Everything I can.

To start, we're expanding our Movie Section. Yep, that's right, DVDs at a comic shop. I said it. Not just DVDs, though. Awesome DVDs. 3 for $10.

More Comics. Obviously.

More Video Games, of course. Including PC games and Classics.

Expanded Online Gaming Center. Where, not only can you play your favorite XBox 360 Games online in HD, but you can compete in our weekly Video Game Tournaments. With the help of our friends at Family Video we are going to be playing the new Mortal Kombat on Friday, May 6. Sign-Ups begin at 6pm, with play starting at 7pm($5 entry).

Ridiculous amounts of gaming tournaments:
Thursdays- Magic: The Gathering
Fridays- Magic & Video Games
Saturdays- Heroclix
Sundays- Yu'Gi'Oh
Other games, such as Warhammer, D&D, Axis & Allies and much, more.
Call 937-324-2400 for times and details.

Midnight release parties! We release everything at midnight, Video Games, Magic, Heroclix, whatever you pre-order, we'll have a party for. Don't stand in line for hours, hang out with us and get a preview of your soon-to-be new game. Pre-order your games here to receive an invite!

More awesome T-Shirts, Hoodies, Toys and Collectibles.

Used electronics, like Ipads, Ipods, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and more.

Beyond that there are plans to eventually add new and used books, used CDs, models, hobby supplies and absolutely every other possible thing I can fit. But I'll need your help to make the new Main Street Comics & Games the absolute best it can possibly be.

To any fans of the Main Street Audio Update, we will be back online soon.

Here's one last look at the original Main Street Comics & Games and a preview the new store.

Old Shop
Old Shop
Old Shop
New Shop
New Shop
New Shop

And BE HERE on Free Comic Book Day!.